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Eco-Friendly Services

Count on us to use environmentally friendly abrasive media

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Mobile Sandblasting Services in the Kamloops Area

We have earned a reputation as hardworking sandblasters and painters and we get the job done quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively, while producing top quality work. Thompson Valley Sandblasting Ltd has many repeat customers, such as Finning Canada and Highland Valley Copper, who have been clients of our family-owned company for many years. We do our very best to serve the customer. View our project gallery to see our great work for yourself!

Environmentally Friendly and Certified for Safety

We use blast media that conforms to WorkSafe BC requirements as well as being environmentally friendly. We have also kept up to date on all safety certificates required by various jobsites, such as:


Level 1 First Aid

Confined Space

H2S Alive


We get the job done right the first time with no customers left unsatisfied! Our services include:

Industrial painting

Mobile setup (or bring the item you want sandblasted to us)

Painting of equipment

Sandblasting (residential and commercial)

We sandblast just about anything, such as:

Bike Frames


Heavy duty equipment

Logging rigging and trailers

Long-haul trailers


Restoration car/truck parts


Road lines

Rusty machinery

Structural steel

Swimming pools

We also paint most of the above with the exception of road lines, concrete and swimming pools.

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